The greatest magazine about light − in nature, culture, art, architecture and design
The idea is really quite simple. ILLUMINATOR is the world´s largest-format magazine all about light. We want to show the best photos on a fascinating topic: LIGHT. To show the best images on the scale they deserve, namely in the fantastic format of 98 x 68 cm. And always just one subject: LIGHT. Inexhaustible. Phenomena and discoveries; light in nature and culture, in art and design; loud, quiet, moving and touching. Light in architecture, photography and technology, in poetry or on the stage. A review of the first issue appeared in the New York Times in November 2012.
ILLUMINATOR is published bi-annually and bi-lingual in german/english.
ILLUMINATOR Nr. 02 "Artistic Light" is now available!
ILLUMINATOR 01 "Bioluminescence" came out in October 2012
ILLUMINATOR 03 will come out in March 2014 to coincide with the LIGHT + BUILDING trade fair in Frankfurt. Focusing on "Architectural Light" it will show the world´s outstanding projects in lighting and architecture! Look forward to a surprise.
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